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We all Strive for that little piece of harmony in our homes, both inside and outside. Here on Perfect Outdoor Spaces we aim to give you all the information you need no matter how big or small your outside space may be, from patios to porches, decks to balconies and everything in-between.

You can find just what you need to create your own Perfect Outdoor Space


Balconies both large and small can be turned into your little outside oasis with a little time and effort. Effort that is well rewarded once you close the door to the world and settle in. We have advice on balcony decoration, matintence, styles and furnishing all in this section


Whether it’s for a BBQ or a Birthday decks offer a way to celebrate those special times with all the outdoors have to offer but close to the comforts of home. Here we look at the best decks for your space, materials, maintenance, and ways you can make the most of your deck no matter what the season.


Your Patio is the welcome to your garden, a halfway house between indoors and outdoors and a place that with a little care and attention is going to be used all year round. We have advice and tips to make the simplest patio a sanctuary for every season.


Although most porches are walk through areas, there is nothing stopping them becoming a sit a while areas as well. No matter how large or small your porch is the advice here will help you turn it into the welcoming area your house deserves, and a place that sets the tone for your whole home.


If you are lucky enough to have a living space with a terrace, be in roof or ground, you are likely to get a lot of sun. Although there is not much better than lounging on your terrace with a cold drink, there are some things you can do to make it a perfect outdoor space. You will find all our advice here.


Your Veranda adds class to your house, providing you take care of it. Touch up the railings, install classic looking fans, or stain the wood a more contemporary color. We can help with all of this and more here.

Outdoor Kitchens

Burgers on hot grills and hot sauce on chickens
Mustard with Hot Dogs, becoming addictions!
Use outdoor kitchens to grill up the wings
These are a few of my favorite things !

We have a whole section on outdoor cooking, outdoor kitchens and appliances, construction, plumbing and power. Everything you ever need to use plan build and use your outdoor kitchen for family and friends.

Outdoor Furniture

What is your outdoor space without somewhere to settle and enjoy it. We explore the options for decorating and furnishing outdoor areas here from pools to patios, sun beds to sun shades, with design, cost cutting and maintenance tips for all your outdoor furniture here.

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