Perfect Outdoor spaces

We as an organisation believe that the more time we spend inside the important the time we spend outside becomes. The world isn’t slowing down and those moments we can take to just ‘be’ become more important.

Being in the outdoors brings with it documented health benefits, both physical and mental and our aim is to help you maximize both of these with whet outside space you can call your own, from the grandest of gardens and gazebos , the biggest of balconies, to the most diminutive of decks and pocket sized of porches and patios. Whatever space you have should be the best you can make it.

And that is where we step up. We are a collective of designers, journalists, outdoor lovers, tradespeople and more who live all over the world and have decades of experience living, constructing, improving, decorating, designing and maintaining outside spaces large and small. With one important thing in common, each one we tried to make as perfect as we can.

Everyone Enjoys Recognition

We do recommend products on the site from time to time, and they will be to the best of our abilities the most suitable for the task we suggest. We are aware it is beneficial for this to happen for products but we do not sell recommendations.

When we do recommend a product we inform the company and allow them access to our logo and link to let their own customers know it is recognised as a quality product by Perfect Outdoor Spaces.

Of course we are a large site and this can take time so we have below our logo and links, and if we have recommended or mentioned your services or products you are free to use these to let your clientele know. These are provided to make things easier for both you and us, so feel free to let us know to save us reaching out.


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