Our Writing Team

Perfect Outdoor Spaces ensures both our accuracy from experts in the field, from architecture to design and constructions to management.

You can meet a few of our writers below.

Roy Ford

Roy is a property developer and one of the creators and owners of Perfect Outdoor Spaces.

Although Roy was often found in the classroom teaching, his other passion was and remains property. After buying a small run down flat, refurbishing it and flipping 15 years ago, it started a passion that continues to this day. His mantra was from Front to Back, and he specializes in making sure the Outside spaces of his properties are as welcoming as the front, and is fully aware of the love and time people put into their outdoor spaces.

All of the properties he has renovated had special attention placed on the outside no matter how large or small they maybe and its this experience in creating these outdoor spaces that we are fully utilizing here on perfect outdoor spaces!

Get in touch with Roy at roy@perfectoutdoorspaces.com

Louis Pretorius

Louis is one of the creators and owners of Perfect Outdoor Spaces.

Aside from building up and running businesses of all kinds, Louis enjoys his “me” time in the outdoors, relaxing and creating beautiful outdoor furniture from old shipping pallets.

Get in touch with Louis at louis@perfectoutdoorspaces.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/louis-pretorius-aaaabab8/

Carmen Au

Has Worked in fashion and design for all her career.

Carmen is a balcony lover, and has lived with them both large and small. Loving the outside space made her want to make the most of whatever space she ahd and here tips and tricks for designing and furnishing smaller outside spaces are certainly welcome here on Perfect Outdoor Spaces.

Get in touch with Carmen at carmen@perfectoutdoorspaces.com

Glen Mcilroy

Glen has a Master’s degree in Architecture.

His passions lie in the world of design and nature.

A nature lover through and through, Glen is passionate about animals and plants alike. Spending time in nature is always preferable to being indoors, whether hiking, on the beach, or simply hanging out in the garden with friends.

The design world fascinates Glen to no end, whether in buildings, furniture, or landscaping. A healthy lifestyle is something that Glen pursues in a holistic sense, emphasizing healthy food, exercise, and mental well-being.

Get in touch with Glen at glen@perfectoutdoorspaces.com