What To Do With A Pigeon Nest On A Balcony

What To Do If A Pigeon Nests On A Balcony?

Have you discovered a pigeon nest on your balcony? Pigeons are a nuisance; having them nest on your balcony can create even a bigger mess. So, what must you do when you discover a pigeon nest on your balcony?

If the pigeon hasn’t started brooding yet, you can remove the nest and sweep the balcony daily to prevent the pigeon from returning. However, if the pigeon is already brooding, there isn’t anything you can do. You must allow the pigeon to finish raising her chicks before removing the nest.

Considering that there isn’t anything you can do when the pigeon has already started brooding, your best option is to prevent pigeons from nesting on your balcony in the first place. We’ll discuss how to prevent pigeons from nesting on your balcony and what to do if they have.

What To Do With A Pigeon Nest On A Balcony

How To Deal With A Pigeon Nest On Your Balcony

When you first notice a pigeon nesting on your balcony, you may feel frustrated and want to move the nest to a new location. However, if you move the nest while there are eggs or chicks, the mother will reject the nest, and the babies will die.

Therefore, you must follow the correct steps to prevent pigeons from nesting on your balcony without harming the pigeons already there. So, how can you deal with pigeons nesting on your balcony?

1. Check To See If There Are Eggs In The Nest

When you first see the nest on your balcony, take a quick look to determine if there are eggs or chicks inside the nest. If there are, you cannot move the nest even an inch. If you do, the mother will reject the nest, and the babies will die.

Therefore, if the mother is already brooding or there are chicks, you must leave the nest alone and let the chicks grow up and leave the nest before removing it. This usually takes less than a month. Once the chicks leave, you can remove the nest and prevent new nests.

However, if you look into the nest and notice that there aren’t any eggs or babies inside, you can proceed to remove it from your balcony. Always wear gloves and a face mask when handling the pigeon nest, as pigeons can spread diseases and lice.

2. Remove The Nest If There Aren’t Eggs Inside

To remove the pigeon nest, you can simply pick it up and throw it away. It’s best to throw the nest in an outdoor bin to prevent any diseases or pests from finding their way into your home. Once you remove the nest, you can clean the entire balcony with a disinfectant to remove anything left behind by the nest or pigeon.

The smell of disinfectant may also prohibit the pigeon from returning and trying to nest on your balcony again. So now, your main task is to prevent new pigeon nests on your balcony.

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What to do if a pigeon nests on your balcony

3. Sweep The Balcony Daily And Make Noise

The best way to prevent a pigeon from making a nest on your balcony is to disrupt it daily. Pigeons will find a safe spot to nest free from predators. Therefore, if you ensure that your balcony isn’t safe, they won’t choose it for their nesting ground.

Sweep the balcony daily to remove any traces of a new nest the pigeon is building. You can also play music or make loud, disturbing noises outside to scare the pigeon away. This will help her realize that your balcony isn’t a safe place to build a nest.

4. Remove Any Shelters For The Pigeons

Another way to discourage the pigeons from nesting on your balcony is to remove anything from the balcony they can possibly use as a shelter for the nest. Don’t leave furniture, boxes, or bicycles outside when you leave the apartment for a few days, as the pigeon may decide to build a nest under it.

You should also remove any shelters as soon as the baby pigeons leave. This is crucial, as the mother may try to nest on your balcony again. Pigeons have more than one set of chicks per season, so they may try and return to your balcony for nesting again.

What To Do With A Pigeon Nest On A Balcony

Can You Prevent Pigeons From Nesting On Your Balcony?

People usually don’t worry about pigeons nesting on their balconies until it happens for the first time. In this case, you might desperately search for a way to prevent it from happening again. The best way to prevent a pigeon from nesting on your balcony is to make it inhospitable for them.

You can achieve this by removing any shelters from your balcony and sweeping it regularly to disrupt any partial nests. Furthermore, you can scare the pigeons away by making loud noises or installing visual deterrents, such as CDs or reflective tape. Move the deterrents regularly, so the pigeons don’t get used to them.

Furthermore, you can install a pigeon net over your balcony to prevent the pigeons from perching on it. You can also place a piece of fishline above the railing of your balcony, making it impossible for the pigeon to perch there.

If the pigeon cannot perch on the balcony, she is less likely to choose it for a nesting ground. Don’t use harmful tactics, like poison or sticky tape, to scare away the pigeons, as this can lead to unnecessary death and may affect other birds and animals too.

Is It Bad If Pigeons Nest On Your Balcony?

You don’t want pigeons nesting on your balcony, as they will cover the entire balcony in feces, which you will struggle to get off. However, the bigger problem is that pigeons are disease carriers and may infect you with a disease, worms, or lice.

The chicks will spread feathers and dandruff as they molt when their feathers come out. This is an unpleasant occurrence, as their dandruff scatters over the entire balcony and isn’t easy to clean up.

Therefore, you should do everything possible to prevent pigeons from nesting on your balcony. Remember that if a female pigeon has nested on your balcony once, she will keep returning if the conditions remain optimal. Therefore, you must ensure they aren’t optimal to prevent her from returning.

What To Do With A Pigeon Nest On A Balcony

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After noticing a pigeon nest on your balcony, you can remove the nest if there aren’t chicks or eggs. If there are, leave the nest alone until the chickens leave it. After removing the nest, you must ensure that your balcony is no longer favorable, or the pigeon will nest there again.

You can discourage this by removing any shelters, sweeping the balcony regularly, and scaring away any pigeons that perch on your balcony. Hopefully, this will prevent the pigeons from nesting there again.


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